Baby + Family

Relaxed orgainic newborn sessions in your own home

Oh my goodness we absolutely love them thank you so much they are better then we could’ve imagined! - The Lewis family

WHO: Baby,parents, brothers, sisters and even fur babies

WHEN: As early as 48 hours old up to 6 weeks

WHERE: Outdoor, In-Home, or In hospital

 Relaxed, simple, natural

I believe that simple is most beautiful and that’s how I approach photographing a hello baby session. . These sessions focus on bonding and family with minimal props and using your own personal items to create personal and meaningful images that you will make fill your heart and soul with joy.

Why Baby-Led Photography?

Baby-led photography simply means I follow the cues and prompts from your baby.  I make sure we’re meeting all your baby's needs during our session, we rock cuddle, and feed baby to make them feel relaxed and secure. I don't follow a rigid schedule of must-have shots, instead, we work with baby’s natural curly poses to achieve natural and beautiful images of your family. Over the years, my experiences have shown that the more relaxed and attentive we can be to your baby's needs, the more beautiful your photographs turn out.

 Our in-home lifestyle newborn sessions are a perfect way to capture authentic heartfelt images of your brand new addition and your family 

It’s a little bit different to the traditional posed newborn photography, it is relaxed I will give you a little bit of direction and watch the magic and love flow these sessions usually last about 2 hours. We can include something structured could include bath time snuggling on the couch as a family on the bed, reading a book.  

They are my absolute favorite shoots to do with younger siblings being that they are in their own environment and they get to carry on with their day, making for super relaxed real interaction with their new sibling without added pressure. There is no stress getting dress up driving to a studio, having to sit in an exact spot, holding a baby in a certain way while looking at the camera, and saying cheese. All of that as well as adjusting to having someone to share their parents with. I find it best to let toddlers lead the way and quietly encourage them to interact with the new family member this makes for incredible special images that will tug at your heartstrings.  Being at home we can include furbabies as well

It’s best to book your session about 4-6 weeks in advance to ensure availability! But if your baby is due soon or already born, don’t worry, just send me a message to see when I can fit you in.

We can photograph your baby within the first few days when they still look tiny and new. or up to 6 weeks

The key with these sessions is they are relaxed with baby-led natural positioning rather than a posed newborn session.