Birth photography

Birth photography is storytelling. All the little moments of love, encouragement and strength are woven together to create the incredible lasting story of your baby's birth.  Reliving the gorgeous images will bring on happy tears as you are taken back to that moment you met the little human.

Yes, birth is raw but is also beautiful.

There is nothing more powerful than an image of a mother holding her baby just moments after delivery and a partner looking on in awe.

Birth photography is visual proof of how incredibly strong you were. How just at that moment you really didn't think you could go on and then did.

How amazing your birth partner was as they gently encouraged you through those tough moments. 

Whether you are having a home birth, birth center or hospital birth Luv meg can capture your birth in Palmerston North, Whanganui,  or the greater Manawatu region. 

Meg should be your birth photographer because 

  • You are looking for gentle storytelling of your birth with all the l little in-between moments captured, you want the love, the connection, the rawness of the moment preserved then we are a good fit.
  • You want to relive the joy when you meet your amazing baby. I carefully collate an emotional slideshow for you to share and offer professionally print albums.   
  • You would like maternity and newborn as an add on I can tell your complete journey to motherhood

Plus I make excellent milo and toast

"Megan was super flexible and was able to capture the birth of our gorgeous baby boy Bodie. We absolutely love that we can relive that special moment over and over. It will be something we cherish forever! xxx"

Cara Milligan, Palmerston North

Let's talk about the service you will receive when you book with Meg

  • Optional in-person meeting 
  • Personal service.  My birth clients get VIP status I am your go-to person if you need to vent about swollen feet or anything else I want to hear about your journey to parenthood.
  • Experienced and professional birth photography with the right camera gear for your birth ( because experience counts)
  • 24|7 on-call from week 38 to 42 weeks (yes even in the middle of the night I will be there)
  • an extra pair of hands, I will get ice, make drinks if needed. 
  • Photography from active labor to up to 2 hours after the baby is born.
  • Payment Plans I offer flexible options
  • optional baby registry