My top three reasons why I love birth photography and to be fair they are pretty selfish ones. 

Number one "It's a miracle!"

it's like being in on a secret I am one of the first people to witness their first breath hear their first cry its the biggest honor in the world.

Number two Being part of a team!

I am a team mum, I am naturally a people pleaser and cheerleader.  Being part of a birth team gives me the purpose I love knowing that I am a small part of this baby's journey and in years to come they are going to enjoy these images and that can be a second pair of hands so dad gets that special bonding time instead of making the milo and toast.


Lastly High on life!

Seriously, forget high-risk sports if you want the best euphoric state come to birth, the emotional rollercoaster, the outpouring of relief, love, and joy.  You will be on top of the world for days.



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