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About My Story Hi! I’m Megs and I am a celebrator and lover of all life's little and big events, from weddings too and becoming a family I have you covered, in the fab city of Whanganui, but I work all over the middle of the North Island. I live in a busy, noisy, boy filled household my family consists of three boys, three cats and one husband ( don't think I could cope with three of them) My love of photographing my kids is what got me into photography. I’ve been a photographer for 10 plus years and I can’t imagine doing anything else. My photography style is authentic, emotive and relaxed. I just love capturing all the fleeting, sweet and soulful moments for my beautiful families, and the best thing about being a newborn photographer is that I get to meet loads of new people, sneak in baby cuddles and hear wonderful stories of the day their baby was born. I am crazy passionate about birth photography and documenting real moments in families lives. A believe the true beauty in an image is the love and connection between the people in it. I just changed my focus and now I shoot on location in peoples homes (although I still currently have my studio) with a big focus on births and fresh 48 sessions. If this sounds like you, then get in touch to book your newborn

Seriously yummy! But also so good for you milk supply lactation cookies do the business and did I mention that they are yummy ( maybe too yummy Mr two years old polished off this lot all by himself). I  am so not a baker but I was lucky to have a talented friend make me my batches, the above recipe makes approx 4 dozen cookies what is a girl to do with 4 dozen bikkies?  The cool thing is you can make up the dough, freeze it in batches and then make up fresh batches as you need them.  A great option when you are in that nesting stage! Other yummy favor To View More >>

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What to expect during your lifestyle newborn session Lifestyle sessions are way more relaxed then a posed newborn session, mainly because the baby does not need to be asleep under a certain number of days to have a lifestyle shoot. As long as the baby is happy, we can shoot! The best thing about lifestyle session is that we in your home so no mad rush out the door by a certain time you can just sit back and relax, feed baby or chill  with your feet up with a hot drink and wait for me to arrive to capture the magic that is your family  WHAT DO I WEAR?  neutrals To View More >>

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 My top three reasons why I love birth photography and to be fair they are pretty selfish ones.  Number one "It's a miracle!" it's like being in on a secret I am one of the first people to witness their first breath hear their first cry its the biggest honor in the world. Number two Being part of a team! I am a team mum, I am naturally a people pleaser and cheerleader.  Being part of a birth team gives me the purpose I love knowing that I am a small part of this baby's journey and in years to come they are going to enjoy these images and that can be a second pair To View More >>

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